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Glows In the Dark

Wild Pixy Garden

Wild Pixy Fairy Garden Kit
Wild Pixy Fairy Garden House
Wild Pixy Garden
Wild Pixy Fairy Garden Set
Wild Pixy Fairy Garden Set
Wild Pixy Fairy Garden Kit
Wild Pixy Fairy Garden Kit
Wild Pixy Fairy Garden Kit
Wild Pixy Fairy Garden Kit
Wild Pixy Fairy Garden House
Wild Pixy Garden
Wild Pixy Fairy Garden Set
Wild Pixy Fairy Garden Set
Wild Pixy Fairy Garden Kit
Wild Pixy Fairy Garden Kit
Wild Pixy Fairy Garden Kit

We live in a fast-paced world, faster than any time in history.

Wild Pixy’s Fairy Garden Accessories allow you to create another simpler world, one that lies within imagination, nature and ourselves.

13 stunning individual accessories come all ready for you to bring your own Wild Pixy world to life. Then, come night, watch as your garden transforms into a glow-in-the-dark magical wonderland. A wonderful way to be reminded that magic exists all around us – and within us.

1 x Solar LED Fairy House
1 x Bridge (with resident ladybug)
1 x Bench Seat
1 x Chair
3 x Toadstools (with stability stakes)
4 x Stepping Stones
1 x Mixed Bag Glass and Glow Stones
1 x Designer Gift Box
1 x Instruction Booklet (A fun one!) 

1 x Fairy (that’s me!)

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• Glows in the Dark
• Solar LED
• Inspirational Theme throughout
• Intricate Details
• Stunning Designer
• Gift Box
• Designed as a set
• Safety Tested
• Made with love
• Over 900+ 5* Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is Fairy's house?
The height of Fairy's house is 7.1" H x 4.9" D x 5" W (although it may vary very slightly due to it being handcrafted). A great way to see the height and comparisons is by looking at our 'Fairy Scale Chart.'

Do Fairy's solar house and glow stones work indoors?
Absolutely! Fairies love to bring their magic inside! Just remember your solar house and glow stones do need direct sunlight in order to work. Placement by a sunny well lit window is ideal, or alternatively you can use a charging lamp.

How do the glow stones light up?
Glow stones don’t emit an actual light like the fairy house, they do just as their name says - they glow. Naturally there is no battery to store the suns energy so they are made from material that absorbs light instead and the light is slowly released. The brightness then gradually fades until it is completely released. Ours are bright for 2 hours before they start fading which is great for glow stones!

Do you sell your fairy set pieces separately?
Not yet but we understand many of you would love this so our fairies are working on it...stay tuned!!

How long should Fairy's house glow for?
Fairy's house light should glow for 6 - 8 hours after being fully charged (It is such a great way to know the fairies are home!)

Can the fairy garden set get wet?
Yes, your fairy set is designed to be in a garden! All pieces have been coated with a UV protectant coating and our solar house has a waterproof seal. In saying this, a gentle sprinkle of water, such as from a watering can, does help to keep Fairy and all her pieces in place. Also just like us, Fairies and their belongings suffer during harsh weather so also include care tips.

Is the Fairy House a Dollhouse?
Our fairy garden pieces are made from polyresin and are garden decorations, not toys or traditional Dollhouses.

Have the pieces been safety tested?
We voluntarily safety tested our fairy garden set for Lead, Phthalates, CA65 and our batteries are FCC and UL approved. We wanted to make sure our creations are high quality for our amazing customers.

What are the fairy garden pieces made of?
Our fairy garden creations are made from high quality non toxic polyresin that have been UV coated to protect from harsh environments.

Can fairy fit inside the house?
The house and house door are on a miniature scale are not designed as a dollhouse as such to fit things inside, therefore fairy and her friends enjoy frolicking in her garden instead - which luckily is a Fairies favourite place after all! The cottage is 7.2 inches & the door 2 inches. // We took lots of things into consideration when designing Fairy's house - making fairy big enough to enjoy / see, the appearance of scale & making the pieces work for postage so fairy can travel with all of her many belongings!

Scale: What size miniatures could this set be augmented with?
Scale & how the pieces relate to each other has very much been taken into consideration, however we do not use a rigid scale. To do so would make the pieces extremely difficult to create and make available to customers as the house would have to be very large! This is why most fairy garden sets are not rigid in design and scale. Luckily slight variations in scale can in fact add to the magic of fairy gardens - think of over-sized toadstools that fairies can sit on or laze next to! Scale is also something that can be played with through the positioning of the pieces and plants. The 1:12 scale is considered large scale with doors generally 6" - 7" tall. 1:24 scale is medium with doors generally 3-4 inches tall. 1:48 scale is small with doors generally 1 1/4" - 1 1/2" tall. Our doors fall in the latter category but larger pieces could also work depending on type and positioning. We have our full heights listed in our Fairy Scale Chart so be sure to check that out too.

What do I do when my fairy house arrives?
Your house or fairy set comes with full instructions with a step by step guide - complete with some 'fairy' handy tips! Your house will need to be charged upon arrival. We recommend charging for at least a day in full sunlight when it first arrives. It is also very important to have fun!

Do I have to turn Fairy's solar house on and off each day?
Fairy's house does come with and On/Off button, but no, when you first get your house you can charge it, turn it on, and then as long as it receives adequate charge from the sun or a lamp thereafter it will continue to automatically light up each night after thereafter. Magic!

What size container should I use for my fairy garden set?
Just like in the rest of fairy gardening there are no exact rules and the size of your garden or container can depend on location, available space and resources that you already have (fairies love being eco!). For a guide the containers you see in our photos are 22 inches in diameter and have a nice mix of plants and accessories.

What type of container should I use for my fairy garden?
There really are infinite fun possibilities when it comes to containers. It is a great idea to lay out the pieces and plants first if you are going to purchase a container to give you an idea of how much room your desired placement will need. Many magical fairy gardens have also been re-purposed or recycled from old household items - wheelbarrows, drawers, old containers, bbq's - the list is endless! :) And no matter the container you choose it will be the home for imagination, learning and lots of fairy fun!

How do we keep Fairy and her home looking great?
The extremes of the outdoors and are hard on everything, including fairies, so it is a great idea to protect your pieces. We recommend using a clear polyurethane or clear exterior lacquer of some sort. There are many different varieties and brands available at hardware stores and online. Also, just an important note, be sure that your pieces are clean before applying the lacquer. A couple of light coatings annually should make them look like new!

Do you have more pieces available?
Our 'shop' page has our full collection. We are always designing new collections too so be sure to join our Wild Pixy Product Tester Team to stay up to date our new releases.

Where are your products made?
Our fairy garden accessories are made from Polyresin and are sourced from China which is renowned for the world’s best Polyresin. We understand a lot of our customers are interested as to why we do not source from Australia and the US. Manufacturing to this scale simply does not exist in either country so our global search concentrated on quality and ethical working conditions and that is why we have an amazing team in China. Aspects of our business based in the US include design, logistics, fulfilment, the majority of our marketing and charities. Being located in Australia we also like to support those in our local community here. We like to think that while Wild Pixy specialises in small folk, our contributions locally and globally make big impacts.

How do I enter your fairy garden competition?
A: We love seeing your Wild Pixy fairy garden creations! Take a pic (or more than 1! ) and submit either via email: or tag us on Facebook or Instagram @WildPixy, make sure to use the hashtag #lovemywildpixy when sharing so we can find your entry. Once a month we have draw to find the lucky winner. Happy creating and snapping!

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